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Below is a list of services provided by Day Associates along with a brief description.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss and specific/ custom needs you may have.

Inspection of property and built assets producing a clear, concise and valuable report on the general condition, identifying any specific defects or areas of regulatory non-compliance.  Condition reports can be tailored for individual properties, through to blocks of flats, private estates, office blocks, educational or leisure facilities, retail outlets, industrial units, commercial centres and hotels.  The application of Condition Reports is vast and can be tailored to your needs, to provide you with the information you require and without the generic waffle of many software-based services.


Condition Reports can also be combined across a managed estate or portfolio in which to combine the results and covered by a master summary report; identifying the collective issues to address.  In many cases, clients combine this service with the production of 5 or 10 year Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPM’s) that provide a detailed cost appraisal of the repair works alongside cyclical maintenance requirements.  This provides valuable information for asset/portfolio managers and investors regarding financial forecasting and professional asset management.

*Excludes domestic properties

Condition Report


Defect Survey


Defect Surveys, Pathology Assessment and Analysis is the heart of Building Surveying.  A full appreciation and understanding of modern and historic construction methods, technology and use of materials is often required in which to make a full professional assessment.  This is an area where all to often, appraisals are made by unqualified or inexperienced individuals who look at surface issues only.  A full inspection and assessment of the ‘behind the scenes’ issues must be made to ensure that defects and issues are not inadvertently covered up or only partly addressed.

All our Surveyors are heavily experienced in Building Pathology and Defect Resolution.  As a company, Day Associates provides and sources regular CPD events to ensure all Surveyors are familiar with typical and complex building issues, methods of repair and new products to the market that can be applied.


Typically Building Defects include:

  • Damp: Condensation, Penetrating and Rising

  • Subsidence, Ground Movement or Heave

  • Structural Movement

  • Thermal Movement

  • Wall Tie Failure

  • Timber Decay

  • Storm Damage

  • Poor Construction

  • Leaks: Roofs, Rainwater Goods, Services


This is a very detailed survey that is suitable for all types of residential and commercial property.  It is typically applied to older or larger properties or with unique construction and/or complex aspects.


Each element of the building/property is inspected in detail and reported on appropriately.  Where defects are observed or maintenance considerations exist, advice is provided. 

These surveys are often customised to client requirements and focus on specific matters.  The survey covers matters in more detail than condition surveys.

*Excludes domestic properties

Building Survey
Site Appraisal


The site appraisal survey includes a general health check and cyclical maintenance assessment of a property (to both internal communal areas and external facades).  The report provides an outline scope of works, proposed to restore and maintain the building to an acceptable standard.  An outline budget estimate is provided to support financing and S.20 agreements (processes).

This service is most often instructed by Landlords, Property and Estate Managers.



Planned maintenance and effective property management is one of the most overlooked areas of the industry.  With reactive management processes and poor planning, properties and estates can easily fall in disrepair and quickly fall out of line with regards to accurate budgeting and financial forecasting.

Day Associates carry out a full site survey and maintenance appraisal.  We report on the lifespan and limitation of products and materials to support an understanding of the necessity for future major works.  The survey covers everything from urgent repairs to cyclical maintenance, regulatory compliance issues through to future replacement costs and preventative measures.

We produce a detailed condition report, supported by a maintenance strategy to re-establish a good standard of repair throughout and provide details of planned proactive schedules (typically 5 years).  We produce a detailed spreadsheet of costs, appropriate to future years predicted expenditure and with annual summary of costs for effective financial planning and property management.  This effectively avoids costly surprises in the future and inevitable conflict between stakeholders if not appropriately planned for.

This is typically used by Landlords, Commercial Tenants, Property & Estate Managers.  We can customise results to clients’ needs and provide prioritisation advice based on legal and leasehold requirements.



a.k.a Reinstatement Build Rate Calculations

RCA’s are assessments of buildings and immediate/associated landscaping for the purpose of calculating the current cost for demolition, reconstruction and additional items for the purpose of insurance cover valuations.

Recent UK studies indicated that approximately 50% of the UK’s buildings are under-insured and in most cases, by a large margin.  In these circumstances Insurers  are unlikely to cover the full cost of repairs leaving a large financial shortfall.

Day Associates undertake a detailed site survey collecting all necessary data rather than a basic desktop survey that appears to be offered by others.  We use the current ‘BCIS’ rates to provide true and accurate valuations of reconstruction with detailed cost analysis of additional considerations and adjustments.

Recent service cost comparisons have identified that Day Associates provide a more valuable and detailed service for up to half the cost of national providers and local competitors.

Contract Admin



Day Associates are well placed in which to act as Employers Agent, project managing contracts from feasibility, through the planning and design stages, establishing and aligning clients needs, desires and deliverables through to design and build contract formation, tendering and site work to completion.  We ensure that necessary cost controls are in place whilst monitoring quality of the build and the overall development programme.

We offer a valuable service from being both an educated/informed client agent as well as being independent throughout for allocation of additional instructions and appraising the necessity and reasonableness of additional claims.  Day Associates can provide the reassurance that your interests are being considered regularly and addressed appropriately, professionally and in a timely manner.

We apply our experience and knowledge to various procurement strategies for various contract types and apply the best/most suitable options for project success and aligning with clients needs and requirements.

Services involve periodic quality inspections, engagement with project parties, production of site works valuations and issuing of payment certificates/programme updates and summary reporting.  This information is often used for investment/funding support and project cash-flow risk management.

Design Services


Day Associates provide a full design services for a wide range of projects to a diverse range of properties.  We provide services for all types of buildings and structures, including; residential, commercial, educational, leisure, historic, conservation and listed buildings.  Block of flats, apartments, car parks and community facilities.  Agricultural and public leisure.

Our clients span both public and private sectors and our Building Surveyors and Project Management Team are widely experienced.

Our design service follows a typical procurement and design route (although Design and Build: Clients' Agent is also available).  Initial surveys and feasibility studies are completed to identify restrictions and statutory compliance matters.  The below list outlines a typical process from concept to completion:

  • Review of Clients requirements and initial site appraisals

  • Regulatory compliance review and assessment of statutory application as well as best practice and current standards.

  • Production of outline/concept and detailed design.

  • Compiling all documentation, applications and plans for local Authority approval

  • Production of full and detailed specification of works, including full tender pack

  • Tender process management, review and summary appraisal

  • Negotiations and value engineering

  • Full contract administration of construction phase (both implied and signed contract types adopted)

  • Periodic inspection of works, production of valuations and submission of payment certificates

  • Completion inspection, snagging, production of necessary certificates and final handover including Building Manual.

Whether the project is small (£25k) or large (£3m+), Day Associates are well placed and experienced to achieve a successful completion and deliver on client needs.  Day Associates have completed a large number of projects across the South of England.


CDM Regulations


(Principal Designer)

As a Client of any construction, maintenance or repair works, you have certain obligations under the CDM Regulations 2015.

Day Associates provide the necessary services as ‘Principal Designer’ to ensure your interests are protected and that all H&S matters have been considered and assessed prior to work commencement.

We work with the Principal Contractor to review the necessary submission of the Construction Phase plan and check that matters have been appropriately considered prior to issuing further instruction.  We obtain copies of relevant insurances and ensure these are to appropriate levels for the type of project undertaken and review any H&S accreditation in place.






Day Associates provide the necessary skills and services in which to undertake feasibility studies and financial forecasting for project bidding, review, consideration and assessment.

We provide necessary design services for associated authority engagement:

  • Planning Applications

  • Building Control Applications

  • Listed Building Applications

  • Tree Preservation Order Matters

Our Surveyors establish a full scope of works prior to the detailed design and specification of projects, prior to undertaking tendering processes or nominated contractor negotiations and costing.

The advantages of using Building Surveyors for this task rather than a traditional Architectural Practice is that our team ‘design out’ future maintenance issues and defects wherever possible.  Where not possible, matters are identified to you for review.  We recognise that your project needs to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and adding value to the building use, capital value or increased appeal, however that should not be at the expense of overlooked issues during the design stage that will cost you dearly in the future during maintenance and repair cycles.  This is of primary concern to clients that plan to retain the asset in the future and remain liable (in full or part) for its repair and upkeep.

Our team is experienced and familiar with traditional and historic materials and methods of repair for sympathetic projects relating to listed buildings or ecclesiastical estates.  They are also up to date with modern materials and methods of construction using new technology and engaging the use of renewable energy and sustainability systems.  Our Surveyors appraise existing structures and layouts and provide realistic and valuable design solutions for internal alteration and fit out, as well and change of use or extension in which to provide the space you need.

Full refurbishment and alteration projects often require the involvement of other construction professionals and Day Associates often work alongside Structural Engineers, Building Control Officers, Fire Engineering Consultants, M&E Consultants, Planning Advisers and specialist service providers to ensure that all aspects of consideration have been covered and that you are provided with a full professional design service.

Whatever your project needs, Day Associates are well placed to support and work with you to achieve a successful delivery, on time and within budget.




Clients are becoming more and more aware of the issues surrounding new developments.  Whether by large national developers or smaller property development companies and builders, clients recognise the errors in allowing the builder to compile their own snagging list.  This extends to developers who have a conflict of interest regarding completion and fast-tracking occupation of the property/unit.

Day Associates are best placed as independent Surveyors in which to survey and inspect the practical completion stage of any new development and produce a full snagging list.  On behalf of the client/occupant or investor, we can provide an unbiased review of the quality of the finished property/project and provide a clear and concise list of matters to be addressed prior to final completion.


Day Associates provide the necessary insurance reinstatement services where a building or facility has suffered loss/damage as a result of crime, fire, flood, impact, storm or water damage.

Typically, we are appointed by property managers and/or in conjunction with Insurers to survey the damage, produce a detailed report and scope of works for Loss Adjuster review.  Following this, we provide a full package of services including design, drawings, specification, tender and contract administration to oversee the full repair and reinstatement.

Restoration and reinstatement is often a complex process and requires the skill set of qualified and experienced building surveyors.  Day Associates have experience of successfully completing reinstatement projects ranging from minor defects contained to a single room, through to the reconstruction of blocks of flats affecting numerous units and communal areas.  We also have experience in providing services to commercial facilities following criminal damage and burglary where the project required minimal office (operational) shut down periods in which to protect business function continuation and limit loss.

We understand the need for swift engagement and action on these matters and the emotional impact and disruption it causes to families, occupants, landlords and businesses.  We therefore engage our services as soon as possible and assign appropriate resource to each and every case in which to ensure matters progress as quickly as possible.




If you propose to undertake an extension or structural alterations which may have an affect upon the strength or function of a party wall which might cause damage to the adjoining property, then a Party Wall Agreement is required.

As the building owner, you must notify adjoining owners of your intention to undertake work. This notice gives adjoining owners the right to appoint a surveyor to protect their property against potential damage.

Day Associates will prepare the necessary (legally binding) documentation setting out the rights and responsibilities of the respective owners which is known as a ‘Party Wall Award’.

When do you need a party wall agreement?

  • A party wall is the shared wall, usually between a terrace or semi-detached house, and divides the homes of two separate owners.

  • It also includes garden walls built over a boundary and excavations close to a neighbour’s property (within three or six meters, depending on the depth of the new foundations).

  • In the home, Party Wall Agreements are most commonly needed for building works that involve loft conversions, the insertion of damp proof courses and the digging of new foundations (i.e. required for building an extension).


Obtaining permission for party wall building works:

  • Before party wall building works can start, the homeowner (Building Owner) needs a written Party Wall Agreement from all affected neighbours (Adjoining Owners)

  • Or a surveyor has to be appointed to prepare a Party Wall Award (the agreed document outlining how the works should progress)

  • To start this process, the homeowner has to serve a Party Wall Notice on their neighbours, in writing, about the planned party wall works.



A licence to alter is required when a leaseholder intends to undertake alterations to their property.  


Under the terms of their lease, they will require freeholder’s written and formal consent to their proposed work, with this consent being is in the form of a licence to alter.

A leasehold owner proposing structural or material changes to their property will generally require the consent of their Landlord under the terms of the lease. Such consent must not be unreasonably withheld but will typically be provided in the form of a written Licence to Alter (or License for Alternations) so that the interests of the Landlord and any other affected leasehold owners in the building are protected.

The legal document will generally be drafted by the Landlord’s solicitor and then revised following input from a surveyor to reflect the specific details of the proposed work and the characteristics of the building.

The following are examples of works that are likely to require Landlord’s consent:

  • The removal of load-bearing walls or formation of new openings

  • Changing windows

  • Switching from soft floor coverings to wood flooring or tiles

  • Installing additional bathrooms or WCs (including changing locations of 'wet areas')


The first step will generally involve the leaseholder approaching their Landlord or managing agent with details of the work that they wish to undertake. Those details will likely be passed to the Landlord’s surveyor to review and to determine whether a License to Alter is required.

Assuming that a license is required, full details of the proposed works, including detailed drawings and a specification must be prepared and submitted for review. The leaseholder is responsible for their Landlord’s reasonable professional fees.

Once full information is available and an undertaking in respect of fees has been provided a site visit will generally be arranged so that the surveyor can consider the proposals in context and schedule the condition of any adjoining properties that might be affected by the works.

When the surveyor has completed their review of the proposals they will report to the Landlord and suggest that the formal Licence to Alter document is drafted by solicitors. Once the document has been checked by the surveyor it is issued to the parties for signature and any security deposit paid prior to works commencing.

While the works are in progress the surveyor will visit from time to time depending upon the complexity of the works and will make a final inspection upon completion.

If the works require Building Regulation approval a copy of the completion certificate will be issued to the Landlord together with drawings confirming any changes to the original design prior to the deposit being returned and final letters being sent.

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